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GTC’s creation originates from great love and compassion. 

The greatness of venture investment lies in its indirect and important contribution to humanity. We appreciate all the equity investors in technological and medical reforms as their vision and persistence have created miracles upon miracles, which are changing our lives and saving many other precious souls. 

The Founder’s remarks

I have a friend who is an entrepreneur herself. Her family history is entangled with cancer, and she has witnessed the suffering felt by her relatives because of the disease. As much as she is worried about getting one, she is concerned about her children and grandchildren a lot more. This prompted her to inject her own investment on the field of medical innovation. To find a cure for the hereditary cancer is what she wishes for all her life. She hopes to contribute her own share of effort in promoting the development of more promising medical and healthcare enterprises so that humanity can lead a healthy life and be freed from the grip of the disease. 

There are also many other entrepreneurs like her, who started to engage in venture investment because of such issues as diseases, elderly care, parenting and food safety. Return on investment has never been their focus to begin with; their wish is to make their dreams come true. It is exactly the greatness of love and compassion that supports these entrepreneurs, helping them persevere and endure, become far-sighted, as well as eventually realize their dreams and be amply rewarded at the same time.

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